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Since 1921, HollisterStier Allergy has been producing immunotherapy products, advancing the allergy industry for both physicians and their patients. We are dedicated to your business and consider you our partner in allergy management. Our products are among the highest quality allergenic extracts and skin testing devices available today. HollisterStier Allergy's products are based on scientific consensus of leading botanists, practicing allergists, and technical operations specialists.

HollisterStier Allergy’s reach spans the entire globe, with services offered from North America to Europe to the South Pacific.

Let HollisterStier Allergy be you partner in allergy solutions

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HollisterStier Allergy’s ComforTen Multiple Skin Test System

HollisterStier Allergy’s ComforTen Multiple Skin Test System

The ComforTen multiple skin test system facilitates ten tests to be applied in a fast, precise manner by one device, without compromising accuracy or readability. The ComforTen system consists of: ComforTen Skin Test Device, 30-hole or 60-hole covered tray with spacers, Quintip individual skin tests, and the Quintip reservoirs to hold the allergen extracts.

ComforTen skin test device complies fully with OSHA’s needle stick safety and prevention act. ComforTen is the only stainless steel, self-loading ten-test device on the market.

Please refer to the ComforTen package insert for detailed information on set up, testing prodcedure, reading skin test reactions, and proper disposal. (Package insert available via the Products link above or on our website,
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