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Managing a community health center on a strict budget without compromising patient care is a tough task. MxSecure's medical transcription services can make it easier for everyone, and enhance and upgrade how your systems function, without making it expensive, or requiring extensive staff training.

MxSecure offers physicians and community health centers a practical, cost-effective way to get fast, accurate medical transcriptions, improve document management and workflow, and more. Accurate medical transcriptions are the foundation of everything your health center does, beginning at patient care and following through to HIPAA compliance, billing and records. Using MxSecure's medical transcription services can help you create a more accurate picture of the numbers and types of patients using your clinic, which can aid your annual budgeting efforts.

MxSecure's proven Internet-based medical transcription services, health record and document management systems are user friendly and easy to learn! Physicians and approved support staff simply login for easy access to patient records any time of day or night. Upload dictation in a few simple clicks. View or listen to medical transcriptions. Search and edit documents online, use electronic signatures, auto-fax to one or more locations.