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Traditional methods of asthma assessment only give part of the picture, as they are only indirectly associated with airway inflammation. Measuring airways inflammation helps health care practitioners to diagnose, monitor and optimize therapy for people with inflammatory airway diseases.

During inflammation, higher-than-normal levels of nitric oxide (NO) are released from epithelial cells of the bronchial wall. The concentration of NO in exhaled breath, or fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), can help identify airway inflammation, and thereby support a diagnosis of asthma when other objective evidence is lacking. Measuring FeNO can lead to the likelihood of inhaled corticosteroid responsiveness as well as monitoring unsuspected non-adherence to inhaled corticosteroid therapy.

Aerocrine markets two products globally, the NIOX MINO and the NIOX VERO. Both are reliable and effective tools to measure FeNO and assist in the diagnosis and control of airway disease.