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If you could have a perfect day in your practice, what would that mean?? Is it having patients show up for appointments early, scheduling their follow-up visits and actually paying their bills on time? Would the staff have enough time to do their work and not spend all day answering unnecessary phone calls from patients? For many practices, i's a combination of all of these things and more – keeping patients happy, reducing mailing costs, etc. Anything and everything that will make your life easier, right?

TeleVox Software, Inc., an affiliate of West Interactive Corporation, is a leading provider of communication solutions for the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of experience, TeleVox offers a full range of products, including outbound messaging, inbound IVR applications, online patient portals, on-hold messaging, and website design and hosting services. Supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, TeleVox solutions resolve time-consuming communication issues associated with appointment reminders, patient notifications and patient inquiry. TeleVox has a worldwide presence in over 14,000 practices and organizations and delivers millions of messages weekly via telephone and the Internet.