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Spirometrics is committed to meeting the needs of the respiratory care patient and medical practitioner within the healthcare delivery network. Spirometrics offers an adult and children's peak flow meter and a full line of spirometer accessories. Our products utilize technologically advanced hardware and software products, coupled with our cost effective methods of risk assessment, patient participation and protection.

Asthma is monitored using a simple device to measure Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR). Peak Flow meters are widely used for this purpose. Also, the use of daily asthma diaries has proven to be effective in correlating PEFR measures with medication and symptom histories to the benefit of patients.

Spirometrics serves the asthma population by manufacturing and distributing peak flow meters and asthma management tools. Literally thousands of patients, physicians and other asthma management clinicians have benefited over the years from Spirometric's dedication to meticulous manufacturing and production processes.