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Sinus Dynamics offers the most advanced technology for the treatment of Sinusitis by using an aerosolizing device combined with custom compounded antibiotics, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory medications. By targeting the source of the problem directly, Sinusitis sufferers can expect immediate and better results with fewer side effects. The SinusAero used to aerosolize our medications is the most advanced equipment in the market today. Our device is portable and lightweight, aerosolizes into an ultra fine mist, providing the most optimum treatment in 3-5 minutes on most medications. Ask your physician to prescribe the SinusAero treatment for your sinus problem.

Topical medication treatments for sinus problems have been accepted therapy for many years. Topical application of medications requires lower dosing and results in low system absorption of medication, which greatly decreases side effects. The new SinusAero is the most advanced device available for achieving topical deposition of medications in the nasal cavity and sinuses. The SinusDynamics pharmacists specialize in custom compounding antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-inflammatories and mucolytics for treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis. The SinusAero nebulizing equipment produces an aerosol with ultra-consistent particle size for maximum distribution of medication in the nasal cavity and sinuses. The patented OnQ aerosol generator produces an aerosol by silently vibrating a mesh with 3-micron holes under the liquid medication. The aerosol produced has consistent optimized particle size for nasal and sinus deposition.

Managed program for sinus relief
Our pharmacy custom compounds liquid and liquid gel antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory medications in our quality controlled laboratories. Upon receipt of a prescription, we ship our medications and medication delivery device directly to your patient’s home. Insurance billing for all equipment and medications is part of our service.

Patients are never sent equipment or medications without understanding their co-pays and deductibles.
♦ Patients are consulted on use of equipment and medications prior to and during use of our equipment
♦ Patient follow-up performed after treatment (Physicians are notified via fax or e-mail concerning outcomes)
♦ Medications are custom compounded to the physician's specifications.
♦ All medications come with customized instructions and warning concerning use with nasal nebulizer.
♦ Sinus Dynamics uses a translations service to communicate in over 150 languages with patients that are not conversant in either English or Spanish.
♦ All prescriptions are shipped 24 to 48 hours after fax prescription received from Doctor's Office