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Standardize, Organize, and Control

The H+H S/Y/S/T/E/M offers organization solutions for:
Crash Carts
Anesthesia Carts
Pediatric Carts
Procedure Carts OR/Surgery Carts
Gas Machines

All dividers are removable and adjustable and can be customized to accommodate changes.

Exclusive sliding dividers, custom labeling, and security bags can help you:
Ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of med errors
Provide Security and control of meds
Improve overall efficiency by maintaining organization and expediting inventory

The H+H S/Y/S/T/E/M brings the standardization , security, and control that the joint commission expects!

The H+H S/Y/S/T/E/M offers shelving organization for:
Pharmacy stock
Nursing stock
Bulk storage
Movable shelves
Gravity feed shelves
Unit dose storage

Sliding dividers keep a place for everything and everything in its place. Dividers and attached label holders slide into position along with stock. Compact storage assures instant recognition of missing items.

Clear visibility, easy access, and better security
Increase efficiency of inventory and restocking
Improve accuracy and reduce risk of med errors

The H+H S/Y/S/T/E/M is the one-stop storage solution for valuable time, money, and space savings!